finding nemo

This term we are doing a film study on finding nemo. It is a really good move with lots of charaters. there is a sequal coming out in november next year.

It has been fun and we have learnt about different colours and sounds. The fast quick sounds means action and the darker colours means danger.

we are up to the part when the minefield explodes after they swim away from bruce, the big shark

have you seen finding nemo?


100 word challenge

Molten lava oozes down the side of the volcano. I really want to touch it but it is far to hot. And touching it will remind me of the time I touched the stove when my toy fell onto it. the sun is shining and sweat is dripping from my head. I can feel the heat from the lava and I’m sure I will get a tan. It feels like I’m in a massive oven. Oh no! Ive been day dreaming. The lava is right at my feet. “RUN!” I yell to my mum and dad. And Axel our Dog.