Need For Speed

Today I watched need for speed the movie

10/10. It was awesome. its about tony getting revenge on dino for the death of tonys friend Pete.

Lots of Koenigsegg, Mustangs, Saleens, Lamborghinis, bugattis, maclarens, and laspanos.

Bye for now


my First Post

Hi everyone in the world

My name is Matt and this is my blog. It’s is a school blog. Today we had our last school netball team tryouts and I made it in. ( celebration time com on)

My hobbies are cycling basketball Lego and food

On the 11 of March this year I got 3 new fish!!¡!! I have 10 fish now in my fish tank. I also have 2 dogs named Eddie and dizzy and  have 2 turtles

I wanna know if you have any pets. Leave comment in the comments and tell me